Lake Breeze Cheese offers all kinds of gifts, cheese boxes and baskets. We are very well known also for our cheese baskets which may also contain meats.

Plus we have other in store merchandise available. If you are visiting us here on the Internet, we want you to know that we can easily put together a basket or for that matter many cheese boxes that we can ship out for you as gifts.

We have viewable PDFs of the available products and cheese boxes that we offer.

Lake Breeze Cheese in Cecil is also a UPS shipping site! This means that we can easily ship out gift boxes to anywhere in the United States. It makes our gift shop even more popular during the holiday seasons.

Of course, any time is a good time to stop in when you are near the Shawano and Cecil area and we have loads of other gifts and merchandise available.

Stop in or check out our flyers online at our website here on this page and let us help you get something special.




We are a UPS shipping site and we can ship wines or cheese boxes to anywhere in the USA!